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Pure Teas

We only use natural ingredients, which means no hidden sugars or aromas, only more flavour and nutrition for you to enjoy in your cup of tea.

Tea on the whole is calorie free and low in caffeine. Some herbal teas, like our, are completely caffeine free. What’s more, Beleaf & Co’s organically produced teas are chemical free for both producer and consumer.

The type of tea you enjoy has different healing properties: Green tea promotes bone strength, black  tea is associated with lowering blood pressure, Oolong tea can help reduce stress levels and white tea is known to support heart health.

Every herbal tea has its own specialty too: For example, Tulsi is a good immune booster while a gingered tea detoxifies. Explore our range of teas to see what your next cup can do for you.

A Shared Responsibility

It’s not only the farmer who should carry the cost for an ethical production process, but it also comes down to you as our customer who will be consuming our products on the other side of the world. We want to refocus trade on the source of the product and create an impact where it is most needed.


To us it’s clear, if our values don’t align with those of a potential partner, then we do not enter into a partnership.

Our every decision is guided by the following principles:

Authenticity all the way

We believe in sharing “leaf to cup” information by being transparent about our business ethics. We hold ourselves and our partners accountable to provide consistent transparency and to uphold sustainable business practices. In doing so, all parties take ownership of their contribution to change fairly traded products to the “new normal” standard.

Strong partnerships

Transparency and direct communication are key to build sustainable partnerships in our supply chain. Those partnerships allow us to work with tea farmers and co-ops to break down barriers and improve the livelihood of workers and all communities involved.

Quality is non-negotiable

We go directly to the place of origin to source the highest quality teas from the tea producers. All teas we purchase are organically produced.

Fair employment. Fair price

We pay a fair price for our teas and only work with transparent supply chain partners to ensure that those payments are distributed equitably. We also emphasise shared ownership for tea growers.

Gender equality is key

The majority of our partners actively promote equal participation and the creation of leadership opportunities.

In person. To person

We visit our tea growers and suppliers every 2 years. In-person visits create a vital connection that translates our partners stories to your cup of tea no matter where you are in the world.

True to Nature

Our product is compostable, biodegradable or recyclable. It seems obvious that if our products are grown, produced and distributed in an ethical manner, then our packaging should be aligned with a similar value system. So we did a lot of research, found environmentally-friendly packaging materials and ditched the teabag.


In greater detail: our carton box is made using VisiKraft, which supports responsible forest management by sourcing from fibre suppliers whose wood and wood products are environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable. And our piece de resistance is that our inner packaging is made from corn starch. These crinkly bags look like typical clear plastic and are watertight (which makes them suitable for sealing products from moisture) but are completely biodegradable and compostable.


We currently receive our loose leaf teas via air freight and aim to change to sea freight over time, for now we do offset all our flights.

“We have deliberately chosen to produce loose leaf teas so that we can skip the tea bag and lighten the load on the planet. We embrace the ecological and meditative benefits of using a tea strainer instead.”

Sustainable Livelihoods

We are all about sharing more of the value created in producing countries with producing countries. In other words, helping the people who grow the tea enjoy a fairer portion of the money spent on a cup of loose leaf tea. Beleaf & Co is trying to disrupt the norm that sees the lion’s share of the profits go to the west.


We currently source our tea from South Africa, Sri Lanka, Malawi and India. And instead of blending and packing our products in one of the Western countries, we deliberately choose to pack Beleaf & Co products in South Africa. It is a little more costly, but in this way we keep the connection between South and South and support the South African community by creating jobs.


We have also made it our mission to be one of the first tea retailers to have a supply chain transparent through blockchain.