• My wonderful origins        

    Tea has been woven into the culture of Sri Lanka for over a century. Here, I was grown in the lush tea fields of the small Amba Estate, which focuses on all-natural farming practices and truly unique, artisanal teas. I’m proud to be ethically and sustainably cultivated, free from chemicals, artificial fertilisers and pesticides. My aromatic flavour comes from hand-cut tender leaves, with no woody stems, very gently dried.


    Ingredients: Tender lemongrass leaves with no woody stems and ginger. (30G - 30 Cups).

    Flavour: A fresh, medium-bodied lemon flavour with subtle notes of black pepper, ginger and honey.

    Aroma: Fresh citrus.

    Health benefits:  Drink me first thing as a detox or fresh start, or before bed to promote sleep.

  • Healing for centuries

    My leaves are sourced direct from Carmel Organics in Madhya Pradesh, India, where I’m grown with care for my natural surroundings. Here, the rich, loamy soil brings out my unique, refreshing Rama Tulsi flavour profile. Known as “Holy Basil”, I’ve been used as a sacred and healing herb in India for over 5,000 years.


    Ingredients: 100% Rama Tulsi. (50G - 50 Cups).

    Flavour: Fresh with mellow, earthy undertones and notes of clove and lemon.

    Aroma: Refreshing with hints of clove and lemon.

    Health benefits: I offer many health benefits, including skin, hair and dental care.

  • Made with love       

    At Beleaf & Co we would like to minimize the load on our beautiful planet and recommend to use tea infusers. But during our busy days we sometimes need more convenience in our life’s.   For unique flavors and a healthier well-being we recommend using loose leaf teas which can be brewed to perfection whilst using me. You can even create your own blends, how cool is that!   I am handmade by a group of women in rural northern India, and I’m a 100% cotton drawstring tea bag. I am also healthier than normal filter paper tea bags as they often contain plastic. Just put some loose leaf tea & herbs of your choice inside me, draw the strings, and your favorite tea bag blend is ready.