Black tea – India


Harvested high in the mountains

My leaves are grown and hand-harvested in small batches by Neelamalai Organics – a family-run farm in the Nilgiri Mountains. My birthplace is famous for its high altitude, fertile volcanic soil and monsoon rains, which have contributed to my exceptionally smooth and fragrant flavour.


Cultivated according to traditional Indian techniques, I am 100% organic and true to nature. Every leaf is plucked carefully by hand, immediately dried using renewable sources of wood, and processed gently to preserve my unique qualities.


Ingredients: Whole tea leaves. (40G – 60 Cups).

Flavour: Smooth and subtly sweet with hints of honey.

Aroma: Mellow and nutty.

Health benefits: Some drink me to soothe digestion and lower blood pressure.


How to brew me

Leaves per cup

1 tsp



Steeping time

3 – 5 min


You can brew me three times.

Caffeine level


Time of the day

Morning / Afternoon

Food pairing

Spicy dishes like pastries and meat.

I’m born in

Nilgiri, India

Proud to be fairly farmed

The people who grew and plucked me enjoy year-round employment (in a seasonal industry), ethical working conditions and equal pay.


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