Lemongrass Ginger – Sri-Lanka


My wonderful origins        

Tea has been woven into the culture of Sri Lanka for over a century. Here, I was grown in the lush tea fields of the small Amba Estate, which focuses on all-natural farming practices and truly unique, artisanal teas. I’m proud to be ethically and sustainably cultivated, free from chemicals, artificial fertilisers and pesticides. My aromatic flavour comes from hand-cut tender leaves, with no woody stems, very gently dried.


Ingredients: Tender lemongrass leaves with no woody stems and ginger. (30G – 30 Cups).

Flavour: A fresh, medium-bodied lemon flavour with subtle notes of black pepper, ginger and honey.

Aroma: Fresh citrus.

Health benefits:  Drink me first thing as a detox or fresh start, or before bed to promote sleep.


How to brew me

Leaves per cup

2 tsp



Steeping time

4 – 5 min


I taste lovely when brewed a second time. 

Caffeine level


Time of the day

Early bird / Evening

Food pairing

Salad or light fish dishes.

I am born in

Uva Mountains, Sri Lanka & Bihar, India

A short journey

I’m directly traded. By choosing me, you’re investing in fair and equal pay, including a share in profits, for Amba’s employees. These valued workers also benefit from long-term employment and ongoing training.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 g


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