White tea – India


Breaking tradition

I’m from Bihar, India, where tea was not traditionally grown. In the ‘90s, tea farmers were invited here to boost the economy. My plantation, the Doke Tea Estate, was one of the first. It soon began offering teas – like me – with a fruity aroma and refreshing flavour unique to the lush terrain.

I’m farmed alongside the Doke River, where I’m shaded by trees with anti-microbial properties – no pesticides or herbicides required!


Ingredients: Fresh, young needle-shaped buds covered in a delicate silvery down. (30G – 60 cups).

Flavour: Delicately sweet, creamy and full-bodied with hints of peach blossom and dried apricot.

Aroma: Ripe stone fruit and fresh straw.

Health benefits: I’m kind to your liver, kidneys and heart.

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How to brew me

Leaves per cup

2 tsp



Steeping time

4 – 5 min


Please brew me 4 times.

Caffeine level


Time of the day

Early bird / Evening

Food pairing

Lightly flavoured veggie salad and seafood.

I’m born in

Bihar, India

Tea power

The Doke Tea Estate focuses on uplifting the community and empowering local women through training, fair pay and career opportunities. This visionary farm aims to transform the industry by proving the immense value that women bring to the tea business.


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