Oolong tea – Malawi


Hey tea fanatics

I’m from the Satemwa Tea Estate in the lush Shire Highlands of Malawi, where I’m cultivated in a way that’s kind to the creatures and plants that share my indigenous ecosystem. My growers use no pesticides and follow sustainable farming practices, ensuring you get nothing unnatural in your cups of tea.


Ingredients: Hand-rolled leaves, lightly oxidized. (30G – 30 Cups).

Flavour: Mellow with hints of fresh orange and sweet pea.

Aroma: Refreshing orange fragrance with notes of passion fruit and blackcurrant.

Health benefits: I’m 100% organic and good for your metabolism and stress levels. Some say I also reduce the risk of diabetes.


How to brew me

Leaves per cup

2 tsp



Steeping time

1 min


Please brew me twice.

Caffeine level


Time of the day

Morning / Evening

Food pairing

Mild flavoured dishes, like grilled meat.

I’m born in

Thyolo, Malawi

Garden to cup

Fewer steps in my journey ensure the people who grew me get paid fairly for their hard work. I’m farmed in an environment that supports local smallholders, women in leadership positions, and good working conditions that include training, education and healthcare.


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