Oolong tea – India


Breaking tradition

My birthplace – Bihar – is not traditionally a tea farming region, but growers were invited here to nurture the local economy. The tea-loving Lochan family created an experimental garden on the banks of the Doke River, which soon became renowned for its quality teas. Here, I’m cultivated with respect for nature with no pesticides or herbicides.


Ingredients: Whole tea leaves and buds, semi-fermented and dark-roasted for flavour. (30G – 30 Cups)

Flavour: Subtle, lightly buttery and fully-rounded.

Aroma: Sweet and lightly floral with hints of lush rose fragrance.

Health benefits: Some say I’m naturally good for the metabolism, fighting stress and reducing diabetes risk. 


How to brew me

Leaves per cup

2 tsp



Steeping time

2 – 3 min


Please brew me three times. 

Caffeine level


Time of the day

Afternoon / Evening

Food pairing

Mild to full flavoured dishes, like fish.

I’m born in

Bihar, India

Tea power

My estate invests in improved living conditions and education for the local community. It also has an ambitious plan to create a greater role for women in India’s tea industry, starting with fair pay and training to empower women who work on the farm.


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