Green tea – India


Harvested high in the mountains

I’m sourced direct from Neelamalai Organics, a small, family-run tea estate in the Nilgiri Mountains, one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. Here, I am organically grown in the rich volcanic soil using traditional Indian techniques to keep pests at bay and bring out a fruitier, earthier flavour in my leaves.


Harvested by hand, I’m dried using renewable sources of wood and processed in small batches to preserve my natural properties.   


Ingredients: Whole, rolled green tea leaves. (40G – 60 Cups).

Flavour: Light, refreshing green tea with hints of mint.

Aroma: Fresh and invigorating, with subtle notes of liquorice.

Health benefits: I’m kind to your heart and skin.


How to brew me

Leaves per cup

1 tsp



Steeping time

1 – 2 min


Please brew me three times.

Caffeine level


Time of the day

Morning /Afternoon

Food pairing:

Mild flavoured foods, like fish or chicken.

I’m born in

Nilgiri, India

Proud to be fairly farmed

I’m grown on an estate that empowers all employees by providing permanent, year-round employment (in a seasonal industry), ethical working conditions and equal pay.


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