• Hey, tea-huggers

    My leaves are sourced direct from smallholders on the Satemwa Tea Estate in the Shire Highlands – one of the last family-owned tea farms in Malawi. I’m grown and harvested in a way that does not encroach on indigenous plants, insects, micro-organisms or wildlife.


    Ingredients: Large, beautiful whole tea leaves, 100% oxidised and hand-rolled. (40G - 80 cups).

    Flavour: Fully rounded and rich with sweet honey tones.

    Aroma: Bourbon.

    Health benefits: I can help care for your body with natural properties that aid digestion and reduce blood pressure.

  • Hey, tea-huggers

    My leaves are sourced direct from smallholder tea farmers on one of the last-remaining family-owned tea estates in Malawi. Here, I’m cultivated in a planet-friendly way, without harming any of the flora and fauna that shares my indigenous habitat. I’m farmed without pesticides, which is better for the earth and your wellbeing.


    Ingredients: Whole tea leaves, lightly fermented. (40G - 40 Cups).

    Flavour: Light and easy-drinking with a soft, smooth finish.

    Aroma: Fresh chestnut and hazelnut.

    Health benefits: I’m also good to your heart and skin.

  • Hey tea fanatics

    I’m from the Satemwa Tea Estate in the lush Shire Highlands of Malawi, where I’m cultivated in a way that’s kind to the creatures and plants that share my indigenous ecosystem. My growers use no pesticides and follow sustainable farming practices, ensuring you get nothing unnatural in your cups of tea.


    Ingredients: Hand-rolled leaves, lightly oxidized. (30G - 30 Cups).

    Flavour: Mellow with hints of fresh orange and sweet pea.

    Aroma: Refreshing orange fragrance with notes of passion fruit and blackcurrant.

    Health benefits: I’m 100% organic and good for your metabolism and stress levels. Some say I also reduce the risk of diabetes.

  • Malawi Bvumbe Peony White Tea Loose leaf white tea

    Hey, tea-huggers

    My origins are the YAMBA project smallholding, part of the family-owned Satemwa Tea Estate in Malawi’s fertile Shire Highlands. I am proud to be organically farmed without pesticides, among corridors of indigenous flora and fauna that enable wildlife to cross freely. I also pair beautifully with a health-conscious lifestyle.


    Ingredients: Large, whole Bvumbe Peony leaves (30G - 75 cups).

    Flavour: Light yet buttery, sweet and delicate.

    Aroma: Complex, intoxicating frangipani perfume.

    Health benefits: By nature, I am kind to your liver, kidneys, heart and general sense of well-being.