• Breaking tradition

    I’m from Bihar, India, where tea was not traditionally grown. In the ‘90s, tea farmers were invited here to boost the economy. My plantation, the Doke Tea Estate, was one of the first. It soon began offering teas – like me – with a fruity aroma and refreshing flavour unique to the lush terrain.

    I’m farmed alongside the Doke River, where I’m shaded by trees with anti-microbial properties – no pesticides or herbicides required!


    Ingredients: Fresh, young needle-shaped buds covered in a delicate silvery down. (30G - 60 cups).

    Flavour: Delicately sweet, creamy and full-bodied with hints of peach blossom and dried apricot.

    Aroma: Ripe stone fruit and fresh straw.

    Health benefits: I’m kind to your liver, kidneys and heart.

  • Breaking tradition

    My birthplace – Bihar – is not traditionally a tea farming region, but growers were invited here to nurture the local economy. The tea-loving Lochan family created an experimental garden on the banks of the Doke River, which soon became renowned for its quality teas. Here, I’m cultivated with respect for nature with no pesticides or herbicides.


    Ingredients: Whole tea leaves and buds, semi-fermented and dark-roasted for flavour. (30G - 30 Cups)

    Flavour: Subtle, lightly buttery and fully-rounded.

    Aroma: Sweet and lightly floral with hints of lush rose fragrance.

    Health benefits: Some say I’m naturally good for the metabolism, fighting stress and reducing diabetes risk. 

  • Harvested high in the mountains

    My leaves are grown and hand-harvested in small batches by Neelamalai Organics – a family-run farm in the Nilgiri Mountains. My birthplace is famous for its high altitude, fertile volcanic soil and monsoon rains, which have contributed to my exceptionally smooth and fragrant flavour.

      Cultivated according to traditional Indian techniques, I am 100% organic and true to nature. Every leaf is plucked carefully by hand, immediately dried using renewable sources of wood, and processed gently to preserve my unique qualities.  

    Ingredients: Whole tea leaves. (40G - 60 Cups).

    Flavour: Smooth and subtly sweet with hints of honey.

    Aroma: Mellow and nutty.

    Health benefits: Some drink me to soothe digestion and lower blood pressure.

  • Harvested high in the mountains

    I’m sourced direct from Neelamalai Organics, a small, family-run tea estate in the Nilgiri Mountains, one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. Here, I am organically grown in the rich volcanic soil using traditional Indian techniques to keep pests at bay and bring out a fruitier, earthier flavour in my leaves.


    Harvested by hand, I’m dried using renewable sources of wood and processed in small batches to preserve my natural properties.   


    Ingredients: Whole, rolled green tea leaves. (40G - 60 Cups).

    Flavour: Light, refreshing green tea with hints of mint.

    Aroma: Fresh and invigorating, with subtle notes of liquorice.

    Health benefits: I’m kind to your heart and skin.

  • Healing for centuries

    My leaves are sourced direct from Carmel Organics in Madhya Pradesh, India, where I’m grown with care for my natural surroundings. Here, the rich, loamy soil brings out my unique, refreshing Rama Tulsi flavour profile. Known as “Holy Basil”, I’ve been used as a sacred and healing herb in India for over 5,000 years.


    Ingredients: 100% Rama Tulsi. (50G - 50 Cups).

    Flavour: Fresh with mellow, earthy undertones and notes of clove and lemon.

    Aroma: Refreshing with hints of clove and lemon.

    Health benefits: I offer many health benefits, including skin, hair and dental care.