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Health benefits of organic tea

When delving into the health benefits of tea, you will be amazed! All teas have their own health properties and have a positive impact on our well-being. Some even say that tea cures many diseases.

For example, Rooibos is known for anti-aging and allergy relief, Black tea is valued for improved digestion and to reduce blood pressure. Tulsi, like Black tea, has digestion benefits and among many other health benefits, it is also a great stress reliever.


Besides the general health benefits there is also the choice to drink organic or non-organic  tea. But what is the difference?


Organic farming is done without the use of any harmful chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides. For many centuries farming and cultivating foods was done with the use of natural fertilizers instead of chemicals. However, in modern days for farms to keep up with the increasing demand of food, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are used to maximize harvest and increase profits.  Like the agrifood industry, the global tea production has also increased over the past years. Therefore, sustainable farming and producing organic teas is becoming more and more important.


Why does an organic cup of tea have more health benefits?


Studies suggest that organic produce has a higher nutrition value, enhance flavors, fewer pesticides residues, less risk of diseases. This may also be influenced by the soil quality, growing conditions, harvesting methods and timing.

Specific to the production of tea, some pesticides and chemicals are removed during the production process, but not all. Chemical residues can remain on the tea leaves and will only be removed until it is steeped in water.


What?! Do I drink chemicals?! Don’t worry, don’t freak out. When you drink a cup of tea including chemical residue it is in such small doses that it will not directly impact your health. However, if you would like to play it safe and make sure you will get maximum health benefits, don’t consume chemicals at all and choose organic tea. You will not only choose a healthier option for yourself but also for the farm workers!


Organic tea is better for farmers

Even if you are not convinced that organic produce has more health benefits, and you are not bothered that your cup of tea could include some chemical leftovers every now and then. Have you ever thought about the effects it may have on people who are actually working on the tea farms? The farm workers are exposed to chemicals when conventionally produced. Day in and day out!  


Tea growing is extremely labour intensive. Farm workers prepare the land, seed the land, conserve soil moisture, spray of fertilizer and pesticides and weed and pluck the tea leaves. Imagine having to spray the tea bushes with pesticides, work with contaminated soil and to pluck tea leaves that are sprayed with such chemicals. Every single day!


When the workday is over, it does not mean that farm workers leave the chemicals behind when going home. Chemicals remain on the workers’ skin, clothes and hair without using the right protection which is then taken back into their homes and their families. Studies have shown that working with chemicals is harmful for farm workers’ health. UN experts point out the dangers to health linked to cancer, Alzheimer, hormone disruption and developmental disorders. So why not invest in organic tea?


On top of workers’ health benefits, organic farming methods are also better for our planet as it tends to improve the soil quality, conserves groundwater and lessens pollution. We offer exceptional loose leaf teas and ditched the tea bag. Why? Most tea bags contain plastic. So do not throw this in your food waste bin because it is not compostable. Rather choose organic loose leaf tea, re-use the leaves and steep several cups, before you use it as compost for your plants.

We partner with farms that use organic farming methods because we invest in people and planet. Go check our webshop to learn more about the health benefits per tea and the impact we create for the farms and the workers.  

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